Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crafty Kids

One of our Christmas gifts took a long time to create....
the girls went to a local ceramics shop and picked out just the right pieces that they wanted to work on. The hardest part about this whole process was the wait time. First they picked their pieces and had to wait until they were fired.
(We went in in mid November hoping to have it finished in time for Christmas, unfortunately we just missed a load to be fired and had to wait until mid January.)

They each decided they'd like to decorate a mug for Auntie Viki. Because she's our earthy friend the girls picked a blue and green glaze.

Once they saw how much fun sponging on glaze could be they moved on to a larger bowl (also for Auntie Viki).

AND a few pieces for themselves.

More waiting ....

Two more months!!!!

It's ready!!!

Look at how gorgeous the finished art is!!!:

And how proud my little artists are!

To make the piece even more personal, the girls added their hand prints inside in a very subtle grey colour.

I mentioned to Moto-Moto how much fun it was and then asked him if we could get a kiln so we could create all the time because a box of clay is cheap!!
He promptly told us NO!

Lucky for us a new pottery shop is due to open this month!!
The best part is that all pieces are already bisque and ready to glaze!!
We are already planning ahead to a Christmas craft party for the girls and their friends. (Psst, save the date for sometime early in November. This means you MKM, B, F, S and S!!)


Anonymous said...

Where is this wonderful place located? Is it in Saskatoon?
This would be an awesome field trip for my 8 yr old daughter and myself....

Jerri-Lea said...

The new place is called Wet Paint Pottery. The Leisure Guide said it would open in April on 8th Street. (IN Saskatoon)