Monday, January 10, 2011

Play Kitchen

This has been the biggest hit ....
we built CD a play kitchen for Christmas!

She had one of the plastic kitchens but it just wasn't giving her enough workspace to make all her cupcakes and treats (nor store all her ingredients, food, dishes and bake ware.)

We started collecting all the necessary pieces in the summer.
Supply list:
  • entertainment stand =free on kijiji
This is what it started out looking like just after Moto-Moto cut out the top & sanded it all down for priming:

  • extra cupboard doors = free on kijiji
  • blinds = garage sale $1
  • landscape photo for view from kitchen window = free recycled from an old frame
  • fridge and stove handles and knobs = free from metal recycling depot
  • burner = free from old bbq
  • sink faucet = free (saved from reno)
  • "sink" bowl = free from Mommy's cupboard
  • pot holders & towels = $4 $rama
  • primer = $10 needed something good to cover the old laminated furniture
  • pink paint = $10 oops paint from Rona
Grand Total = $25
plus time it took for Moto-Moto to work on it.

We moved it downstairs just after it was primed and told her it was for Mommy's craft storage... both girls didn't question it even when Moto-Moto painted it pink.
Christmas Eve he put all the extras on to make it look like a kitchen.

We had a lot of tips and hints by looking at this one.

She played with it late into the evening on Christmas Day and most every day since!
I'm still on the look out for an old thin wall mounted phone (pink preferably) and maybe on the far left end of it adding a chalk board for her menu or grocery list... or maybe a framed poster of her favourite cupcake recipe!

We wanted to teach them that Christmas is more about making memories than receiving gifts.

This year we also cut down on buying and focused on 4 gifts (that we first saw here):
  • something they want
  • something they need
  • something to wear
(The need and wear gift was a two in one.)
  • something to read

a special ornament

Plus Santa brought them some little treats in their stocking.


Anonymous said...

my goodness, what a wonderful idea and great job!
I got a bit teary reflects what a good Mom you are, and such an inspiration to all:)

Love Cousin

Saucy said...

I love this! So very much. What a wonderful thing... Loopy had one of those plastic play ones as well. I sold it to a friend a few years ago... I wish I had kept all of the extra foodstuffs for CD to play with!!

sassy said...

OMG LOVE it! I'll keep my eyes peeled for a phone for the wall! It really is spectacular-that Moto moto and you are two super smarties!