Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Elfcapades

Our Elves are here!

Today these two cute little 8 inch elves were in the girl's advent calendar.

You can read more about them at

Holiday Elfcapades.

(Our elves spent some time at the salon and got hair styles different from the other elves. They wanted a Christmas makeover.)

They will be with us until Christmas Eve keeping an eye on our family and preparing a report on who is naughty and nice. Every evening they will return to the North Pole (with the use of some magic) and let Santa know all that they have seen or heard. When they come back to our house we've been told that they may have some fun/ mischief or "elfcapades." I've been told to watch out, they may hide around the house, have a cotton snowball fight with some of our other toy friends or have a movie night, peek in gifts or sleep in the freezer because they miss the North Pole.

CD named her Elf ~ Disney

Tonight I already heard CJ whispering to her elf and telling her all about her art projects and the art gala she had the night before.

CJ named her elf friend ~ Giggles.

I am so excited to start this new Christmas tradition with the girls... I wonder what Disney and Giggles will do tonight when they return?

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