Monday, February 22, 2010


Go Canada Go

The girls are really enjoying watching the Olympics!
It is pretty funny to watch CD yell
"hurry hard" at the tv during curling and
CJ yells "shoot" when Canada has a scoring ch
ance in hockey.

On one of the coldest days we had this week of holidays,
we stopped for another very quick photo sho
ot in front
of this mural at a goalie store in town.

It was all I could get in 2 minutes.
Hopefully it'll warm up on a day when Moto-Moto is home
so he can run block/ security for us on the busy street.
I'd like to get all of 'Canada' in a sh
with CD looking so it'll take some tim

I wonder what other great mural walls we have around town?!


Jenn said...

So fun! I would love to do this too! Where is it?

Pam said...

great pictures!
hope you are doing well!

Saucy said...

I shed a few tears for our Canadian skaters... it's been great fodder for lying on the couch and bogarting the remote from Veto.

sassy said...

I must try that too - but I will need a wrangler as well! Mc d is away more than here this month and I am wearing thin - when is school done!?!