Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kisses for Cupcakes

Little Cakes a la Saucy!

The girls were once again treated to little cakes from Saucy.
CD has Saucy curled around her little finger & is happy to exchange kisses for cupcakes!
Sassy & I agree it'd be a cute teeshirt!

These beautiful little treasures are what
we enjoyed after supper ~
one for each of us.

I tucked the girls into bed tonight, told them to have sweet dreams and think up names for each of the Little Cakes we enjoyed. They really are mini works of art!

We love your little cakes Saucy!
Anytime you want us to taste test them our Mommy will drive us over!

Thank you for my Little Cakes Saucy!


Karen of the KAGS said...

Such lucky girls & so cute too!

Jenn said...

Lucky indeed. They are little works of art aren't they! Merry Christmas.

Saucy said...

Duke is looking at the screen... he's a little upset right now but when you get right down to it, he doesn't mind sharing!


PS: There are more where that came from!