Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween Decor & Giveaway

We pulled out the Halloween Countdown on the 1st and have filled it with little treats, prank treats ("eye" bouncy balls, plastic spiders & rats), jokes and special coupons for the girls. CJ has been telling everyone her latest joke:

What do witches use to keep their hair in place while flying?

"Scare spray!"

We made some very easy decorated blocks.

(We've seen these a few places, sorry I don't remember where exactly,
likely some examples on twopeasinabucket.)

Viki saved us her 2x4 scraps when she made her garage.
Painted them up with some acrylic paint,
mod podge on some Halloween scrapbook paper,
cut out some letters to mod podge on top

This "eek" set CJ & CD have created just for you!!
CD says "Mommy 'care (scare) me!"

Leave a comment and we'll give them away on October 17th!


Karen of the KAGS said...

& the winner is ...the first person to leave a comment - oh that would be me then!!
Gorgeous Jerri - love them

jkddz said...

cool idea! count me in as well...

super cute

Jenn said...

Love the idea of a Halloween countdown. I'm making a Christmas advent calendar for this year, def. making one for Halloween next year. Awesome idea for using jokes. I think I'll use that idea for the advent! Count me in for the giveaway. Loooove the words!

karen said...

Thanks Jerri for stopping by my blog today - I would love to attend an in person Saucy swap, cooking class etc.

I broke the cord to connect my camera and computer so while I can take photos I cant upload them - working on getting it fixed tho.

The charms from the swap are really amazing.

Love the Halloween countdown idea. Your decorations for Halloween are lovely and so is your blog - did a little poking around

kinderteacher said...

I love these blocks ladies. I am currently building haunted houses from wood scarps with this years kindergartens. You'll have to stop by the class and see them. I think it would be a crafty project that you and the girls might enjoy. See you at school. Mrs. Babyak

Saucy said...

Count me in, of course. If you'd like to make things a little more interesting, why don't you pick a couple of finalists (and by a couple of finalists, I mean Karen of the KAGS and myself) and challenge us to some sort of cupcake speed-frosting event... how could you lose??

Jerri-Lea said...

Mmmm, a bake off! I'll keep that in mind for next time. Great idea!