Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dr Seuss on the Loose

These are from one of the art camp days we enjoyed last summer.
(I thought I better put something crafty on here for all you visting from Saucy's.)

We started our day by making hats and homemade waffles. The girls cut them and stacked them for Cat in the Hat Waffles.

At snack time we ate donuts Dr Seuss style. We hung them up and the girls had to eat them off the string using no hands!

What do you think Whoville looks like?

Next we made "A person's a person no matter how small" skrinky-dinks.
(Forgot to take a picture of the after.)

It was a fun day, can't wait for more crafting time!
Thanks for popping over, come back real soon!
Thanks Saucy!


karen said...

I found your blog via bloggedy blog blog and I am glad I did

Saucy said...

It would seem no matter big or tall or tall or big, you throw a party I can dig.

I dig a party, yes I do. I dig on thrown by my friend, you.

You have a way of making fun, making fun for everyone!

You left a box on my door step, on my door step you left it quick. "Look", Veto said when he brought it in, he hardly could conceal his grin.

"Who could it be?" I thought just once. But then I saw the fancy box.

The fancy box, it told me who. The very who, who could be you. And you it was, I was was so surprised! It made my day and shocked my eyes!

The card, the ribbon, the stamps and treats. It was a gift no one will ever beat. For it put a smile upon my face. It will likely take a week to erase.

But the sprinkles were the ingenious part! The sprinkles were a gift of perfect art! How perfectly you thought of me, I am so glad a friend to be.


(With Apologies to Theodore J. Geisel - aka. Dr. Seuss)

sassy studio said...

I just love your springs! sooo Seuss-y!