Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm back! After a week and a half of trying to help the girls feel better.
We had an emergency trip to the dentist and the doctor.
Poor CJ has a tooth abscess and needs a tooth pulled but they are waiting
until the swelling goes down so they are able to get into her
tiny little mouth to remove the tooth. CD has been getting the
chills and had a slightblue tinge to her... scary!
She seems to be doing better and may go for
blood work on Thursday. Poor girls...
They did enjoy Easter, here's what it looked like:
Easter 2009

Dying Easter Eggs

Decorated Easter Cookies

A Chick, Chick Here

A Chick, Chick There

Easter Goodies from Saucy & Loopy


Jelly Bean Bingo from BDJJJ

A Bunny Cake

Hannah Montana Easter Basket from Auntie & MKM

(Notice that CD is trying to bite it
through the foil wrapping.)

Some-bunny loves us very much!

Thanks everyone!

from CJ & CD

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Saucy said...

awwww, chicks! Too cute. Sorry the girls have been under the weather, the changes in skin tone are concerning. I hope the dental work and the blood tests go well. We will be thinking of them... hugs!