Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing with Warhol

You'd think with it being so cold we'd be inside doing lots. . . lately we've been enjoying some warm comfort food (rice pudding is my fave), cuddling, reading books and enjoying some of CJ's new DVDs from Christmas. I've been playing a little bit with the help of to make these. Not sure if I'm thrilled with the pictures I chose but it's still a lot of fun!

I tried to get as much purple as I could for CJ!

CD is just too darn cute!

I'm a little scary!

And I'm pretty sure that "Moto-Moto" won't like his!

But it was fun to try it out! I once did this with an art class, photocopied their portrait in black and white, then let them go with highlighters! Their Warhol pictures were actually pretty good!


Saucy said...

Hey! I announced the Valentine Charm party on my blog (just barely) before splitting for Jamaica. Back on the 26th... leave a comment on my post if you want in and I will sort it all out when we get back. First come, first served, still 12 charms to make, that means ten spots plus Sassy and I.

Hope you can make it.


sassy studio said...

I NEED soup....... (with you!) Call me! 290-5837 ( I'm free all day Friday...does that work for you?)

Pam said...

love the warhol photos!!